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The Analyst Advocacy Programme offers finding and recommendations in packages designed to improve your analyst relations (AR).


Your firm’s ranking on each of the questions and the overall Index position. One hour call to discuss results.


Includes the benchmark position for other firms in the survey longlist. These are either the firms most commented on by the analysts, or peers nominated by you.


Includes results from the analysts who comment on the client or any of the peer firms. Results bisected between analysts with higher and lower influence scores, and between your firm’s home region (Americas, Asia-Pacific, or EMEA) and the rest of the world. Ten hours for qualitative follow-up interviews with selected analysts are included, including one-hour calls for framing and report-back.


Optimisation AR process model with a customised sensitivity analysis for your firm: which factors could most improve the firm’s performance, and what combination of changes will create the most improvement, Ten further hours to allow much deeper qualitative work, and three hours of video conference time:

  • to review interview findings
  • outline recommendations and focus on key tasks
  • develop a plan